These instructions are for those who already have a Yahoo ID and Password

(If you don't have a Yahoo ID, go here.)
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "+Join Group" button.
  3. Enter your Yahoo ID and Password and click on the sign in button.
  4. Under Step 1. Your Contact Information, review your profile and e-mail address.  If either need to be changed, click on the link next to them and make whatever changes you wish.  You may want to use your normal e-mail address rather than the Yahoo one…If so, be sure to enter it here.
  5. Under Step 2. Message Delivery, choose:
    -  "Individual Email" if you want to see each message as it is sent to the group (this is recommended so you don't miss short-notice rides) or choose
    -  "Daily Digest" if you want once-a-day listing of all messages for that day.
    -  You can also select "Web Only" if you never want to get e-mails and intend to check the website to see what messages have been posted.  This latter choice will cause you to miss things that are time-sensitive, however.  (Don’t select "Special Notices" as there probably won’t be any).
  6. Under Step 3. Message Preference, leave the selection "Fully Featured".
  7. Click on the save changes button.
You will get a message saying that you are now a member.  Congratulations, you're done!
If you have problems, contact and I'll walk you through it.