Namaqua Park-Hygiene

05.15.2021 8:30 am


Meet at Namaqua Park at 8:30 a.m. for a ride to Hygiene and back. 

Approximately 34 miles.

Ride Leader Lonnie Simmons 

Phone number 850-291-3366


Safe Ride Guidelines 2021

  • Planned rides are limited to a maximum of 10 people, not including ride leaders.  IF more than 10 participants show up, large group will split into two groups.

  • Rides are limited to current PEDAL members who have paid 2021 dues and returned completed Registration & Information Release Form (on website tab - About Pedal - PEDAL Forms) 

  • Helmets and face coverings are required for all rides.  Cyclist may lower face covering while cycling and maintaining distance of 6 feet.  Face coverings must be worm correctly during pre-ride gatherings and snack breaks.

  • Contact ride leader to sign up for advertised ride - please provide leader with your name and cell number.

  • Bring your own water, energy snacks, tools and hygiene supplies.

  • No spitting, or blowing nose while cycling. Cover your mouth when you cough and cover your nose when you sneeze.

  • Respect the group by not attending if you have a fever, feel ill, or have been in contact with someone recently diagnosed with COVID-19.