Community Involvement

pedal adopt road
PEDAL has joined Loveland's Adopt-A-Roadway Program. 
3 times a year, members collect trash from a 1-mile stretchof Rt. 34 on the west end of town.
In addition to that "road work", PEDAL supports and/or operates booths at:
To ensure that safety is a part of biking starting at an early age, PEDAL member Robin Hildenbrand, with help from other members, is involved in Bike Rodeos at area elementary schools.
PEDAL offers educational programs for children as well as adults:

PEDAL Forward Program

PEDAL Forward is a program for children ages 8-14 years.  PEDAL Forward is the next step after children complete the bicycle rodeos at the elementary schools.  The 8 week program gets the children to not only learn safe bicycling skills but also practice the skills with hands on experience by riding on Recreation trails and eventually the road.

 PEDAL Laid Back rides

PEDAL Laid Back rides are for adults and have 9 instructional lessons.  It is geared towards not only increasing a rider’s endurance but also making them more confident and safer on the road.