These instructions are for those who don’t have a Google ID and Password

(If you already have a Google ID, go here.)
  1. Go to If you have an existing Gmail account, it should show up there. (If you are trying to create a new account, click on [Use another account].)
  2. Click on [Create Account]. A sign-up form will appear.
  3. Enter your First and Last Names. A suggested Username will appear along with some alternates. Pick one of those or enter one you want. If it is already taken, you can keep trying until you get one that is available.
  4. Enter a Password twice and click on [Next]. A welcome form will appear.
  5. You MUST enter a birthdate and gender, although they can be dummies. Click on [Next]. Google’s terms of service will appear. Scroll to the bottom and click on [I Agree].
  6. Next, a series of screens showing you how great Gmail is will appear. You can read them all or just click on the [X] in the upper-right corner.

Congratulations, you have a new Gmail account!

-- But we have a few other things to do before we are done.

  1. Log onto your Gmail account if you aren’t already there.
  2. Click on the [Gear] icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click on [Settings].
  4. Click on [Forwarding and POP/IMAP]
  5. Under [Forwarding] enter the email address you normally use. That way, you won’t have to check this email account. You will get emails from the PEDAL Google Group delivered to your normal email account.
  6. A box will appear asking you to proceed with the forwarding. When you click on it, a message will go to that account. You will have to go to that account and copy the confirmation code from there back to the Gmail Settings page and click on [verify].
  7. Make sure that the following three things are selected:
    1. “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” under [Forwarding]
    2. “Enable POP for all email” under [POP Download]
    3. “Enable IMAP” under [IMAP Access]
  8. Click on [Save Changes].
  9. Send an email to or saying you have completed your Google account setup.  You'll then receive an invitation to become a member of the Group.

Now you are finished.