In a Crash?

  • First, assess the situation. Were you hurt? If you’re severely injured, you should leave the scene right away and go to the ER. Either call 911 or have a witness call for help on your behalf.

  • If you don’t require immediate medical assistance, take photographs of the crash scene. This can be done with your smartphone. Photograph any damage or injuries on you, your bicycle, or to your other equipment.

  • Get the contact and insurance information for everyone involved in the crash. If you wish to file an insurance claim to replace your damaged equipment, you’ll need to write a demand letter to send to the motorists’ insurance company.

  • Make sure the officer completing the report gets your side of the story! Some police officers will only take the statement of the motorist, not the bicyclist.

  • Don’t repair the damage to your bike or throw away your damaged helmet or clothing.

  • Seek medical treatment no matter what. You may not even recognize your injuries at first, but you should get checked out in case they worsen in the next couple of days so you will have that initial medical checkup on file after the crash.

The above was excerpted with our thanks from an article by Personal Injury Help.